[eBook] The Blueprint to a Profitable Agency

If you are reading this, your workflow process probably sucks.

By now, you should know that process is the backbone of any business, and it can also be its Achillies’ heel.

In our line of work, we see different agency processes every day. Some work. Some don’t. All of them impact on productivity and output, and the way in which work is managed, tracked, trafficked and billed for. And those things all impact on a business’s profits.

In this ebook, you’ll find the results of our research into the types of processes that work. We surveyed, we interviewed, we sent in our moles. Then we sent in some puppies – people weren’t crazy about the moles – and agencies spilled their secrets. We’re sharing them here.

Whether you’re just starting out, needing to fix a broken workflow, or wanting to implement a process that actually works, this is the roadmap you’ve been looking for. By having an understanding of how productive, profitable agencies run their businesses, you can start to do the same.

Our aim is for this ebook to help you manage jobs – and by implication, your studio – more efficiently, productively and profitably, and to understand the common mistakes that are made when implementing and running processes. Download below, and enjoy the read 🙂

Reimagine the way you work