WorkBook Knows How Resource Management Works.

The right resources can make or break a project. Each project requires the perfect balance of skill, experience and availability. Coupled with the uncertainty of a project-based pipeline, it’s crucial that you have knowledge of current bandwidth as well as what’s coming your way. With greater visibility into upcoming projects and better insights from more accurate timesheet data, WorkBook gives you a clearer view of your resourcing needs now and in the future.

Workbook is:

Confidence that you always have the right amount of resources at all times - with greater visibility into every project in the pipeline so you can plan weeks or months ahead.
Resourcing agility via built-in collaboration and notification features that ensure you’ll be the first to know when timelines change, priorities shift or team members request more time.
So easy-to-use and quick to implement that you never have to worry about missingc timesheets and can be confident you always know who’s available or overworked.
A clear line of sight into current capacity and potential resource requirements so you can allocate time strategically, avoid excessive freelance costs and know when it’s time to hire.
A way to streamline your tasks with smart and intuitive features that allow you to drag ‘n drop assignments to the schedule, sync tasks to and from users’ calendars and allocate time down to the minute.

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