WorkBook Knows How Project Management Works.

Projects are the core of your agency, making you a central part of its success and WorkBook a central part of yours. It provides you with complete visibility into project and budget progress and constant contact with the team to ensure deadlines are being met, priorities are being adjusted and deliverables are being produced.

Workbook is:

An integrated system that provides you with greater visibility into each project so you can anticipate overruns and take action before it affects profitability.
Flexible and configurable to your agency’s workflow with waterfall and agile scheduling features that allow you to assign sprints and tasks through Kanban boards or Gantt charts.
So intuitive and easy-to-use that you can say goodbye to chasing timesheets and expense reports.
A way to simplify your daily tasks with smart and intuitive features that allow you to easily turn an approved quote into a project schedule and convert vendor requests into purchase orders linked to the budget.
The key to productivity – with built-in collaboration features and an extensive notification network, you can keep your team on task, keep files where they belong and be the first to know before an issue might arise.

Reimagine the way you work