WorkBook Knows How New Business Works.

New Business is the lifeblood of a project-based agency like yours. It feeds the agency and nourishes the bottom line. When you’re pounding the pavement to bring in new clients, WorkBook gives you visibility into the agency’s productivity and capacity so you can be sure you’re not only bringing in enough business, but the right kind of business, and ensuring successful delivery.

Workbook is:

A simpler way to stay in touch with your prospects and potential clients — adding contacts and activities, logging progress and monitoring project status all in the same place.
The knowledge that you’re chasing the right projects for your agency and the certainty that you have the right staff to satisfy your pipeline.
Complete visibility of your impact on the agency via pipeline and cash flow forecasts.
Flexible and functional — allowing you to access your inbox, manage your tasks and enter time from the airport, the office or anywhere in between.
A faster way to answer RFIs, inform better proposals and develop more accurate quotes on-the-go via built-in collaboration and reporting features.

Reimagine the way you work