How to work smarter with strategic scheduling

To put a successful strategy in place you need two things: a specific set of goals, and the schedule to get you there.

Silversoft hosted a webinar earlier this quarter to discuss how agencies can make more strategic scheduling decisions with Deltek WorkBook. The vital component of creating a real-time project schedule within your agency is often over-looked, and we chatted through how to easily create a project schedule to reach your campaign goals.

7 Steps for Creating a Project Schedule

STEP 1: Define the project milestones and deliverables.

STEP 2: Make a list of all the people who will be involved.

STEP 3: Work out what the final project deadline is, using a forward or backwards planning strategy.

STEP 4: Break down the deliverables into smaller tasks and subtasks.

STEP 5: Assign the tasks to your various team members – and be mindful of their workload when you establish deadlines.

STEP 6: Work out the duration of each task, taking into account that some tasks will be more critical than others.

STEP 7: Organise the schedule on a tool that the whole team has access to.

Watch the full on-demand webinar to see Deltek WorkBook in action.

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