WorkBook Knows How Account Services Works.

Client happiness is your responsibility. That’s why you need visibility into every part of the process, so both you and your client know projects are running smoothly and according to plan. Because WorkBook is a complete agency management system, you can monitor every project from beginning to end, getting better clarity on how the team is functioning and easily identify potential issues before they arise.

Workbook is:

The key to successful project delivery – providing you with greater visibility into every milestone so you can ensure both project profitability and client satisfaction.
Quicker turnaround times and increased productivity via the built-in collaboration feature that allows you to chat, exchange feedback and share documents directly with the team.
Easy-to-use and implement so that everyone on your team is up to speed in a flash so your team spends less time on admin tasks and time entry, and more time taking care of client needs.
The foundation for team success — providing you with insightful data so you can build accurate estimates, realistic project plans and make over-servicing a thing of the past.
A simpler way to manage client expectations by giving them the transparency they desire with access to just as much project detail as you see fit.

Reimagine the way you work